McDonald’s on mobile payments: We prefer to let our customers choose how they pay


McDonald’s sees accepting NFC mobile payments as part of its on-going customer service improvement remit, the fast food giant’s Anja Carroll has told NFC World+. “We can accept all payment products that leverage standard NFC and we prefer to allow our customers to choose how they prefer to pay,” she explained.

It has been accepting Apple Pay since its launch in October and announced chain-wide support for Softcard at the end of the same month.

“At McDonald’s, we are always striving to have relevant experiences for our customers, and mobile payment is one more way to provide greater ease and convenience,” Carroll, McDonald’s US vice president of media and consumer connection, told NFC World+.

“Today, people don’t leave home without their mobile devices. As mobile payment technology continues to catch on, customers will find the process of paying for food and drinks in our restaurants will be easy and convenient,” she continued.

“McDonald’s and our independent franchisees in the US have strategically invested in a common point-of-sale system and cashless payment capability, including the NFC technology required for mobile payments as part of our strategy and commitment to customers’ emerging needs. Currently, we are focused on the mobile payment capability to provide more pay options and convenience for our customers.”

“We have been pleased with the launch [of Apple Pay] and continue to look for ways to enhance the customer experience in our restaurants,” she concluded.

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