Dairy Queen expands mobile loyalty and payment test

Dairy Queen's MyDQ app

US fast food chain Dairy Queen has expanded pilot testing of its myDQ mobile loyalty, offers and payments service to more than sixty locations in the states of Colorado and Nebraska ahead of a planned rollout of the solution to all its 4,500 US franchise locations.

“The payments are processed through a stored value account built into the app,” supplier Mozido explained to NFC World+. “You can add value to that account by entering a credit or debit card and then, as you spend, the amount spent is deducted from the value on the stored account in the app, You can add more ‘money’ to the account and your debit or credit card is charged for that amount.

“The payments are cloud-based. The point-of-sale process is done via the stored value account — there are no QR codes involved and it’s not NFC. There is a tablet set up at the POS.

“The cashier enters the customer’s order into the POS as normal but, when it’s time to collect payment, they then take the total from the POS and enter it into the tablet. The tablet and the customer’s phone talk to one another through the cloud and the payment is made via the stored value account. The cashier then closes out the order on the POS using a specific button that was created for mobile payments.”

“The tablet function was created for this app because DQ had so many different POS systems at their restaurants; this was the best way to ensure every restaurant in the market test could accept payment via the app,” the company added.

Dairy Queen previously tested contactless stickers in an NFC-based loyalty program in 2009.

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