Brioche Dorée pilots mobile coupons and payments in 20 stores

Brioche Doree customers can order ahead with a mobile app

Groupe Le Duff, owner of 1,260 restaurants and bakeries, is piloting a mobile wallet developed by mobile shopping solutions provider Airtag in 20 of its Brioche Dorée quick service bakery outlets in France.

The mobile wallet features product recommendations tailored to the customer and can be used to deliver personalised coupons based on a shopper’s purchasing history and profile. Customers can use the app to place orders and pay ahead of their visit and both receive and redeem loyalty points and coupons in stores.

“The customer can either choose to pay on the app by credit card or in-store at the POS when they are picking up a mobile order,” Airtag CEO and co-founder Jérémie Leroyer explained to NFC World+. “On the app, payment is completed online through credit card. When checking out on the app, the customer also has the option to choose to pay in-store which caters to customers that may want to use cash or meal vouchers.

“At the store, payments are completed via cash, credit or meal vouchers. In the store, loyalty rewards and coupons are redeemed at the POS through QR code scanning. A scanner has been installed at the POS, which is used to scan the customer’s in-app QR code to inject coupons or loyalty rewards. Customers can also redeem their loyalty rewards and coupons for mobile app purchases too.”

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