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Dimple to offer NFC sticker with four customizable buttons


US-based startup Dimple has developed a US$27 sticker for Android NFC smartphones which contains four buttons that the user can personalize to perform their choice of NFC quick actions.

“The buttons can do numerous tasks including launching apps and app drawers, controlling settings, starting and stopping music, and much more,” Dimple says. “A plug-in framework can dramatically extend the array of choices regarding standard functionality that the companion app provides.”

Each button on the 0.5mm thick stickers has a small braille “dimple” designed for “convenient fingertip recognition” and each sticker comes with adhesive backing “that enables it to be installed in close proximity of an NFC reader.”

A button press is presented to the phone as an NFC tag read, which can then be converted into an action by an app running on the device.

A fundraising campaign to put Dimple into production is due to begin on Indiegogo on 6 May and a video shows how the stickers will work:

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    1. Richard – It’s very clever, but it begs the obvious question: How to avoid inadvertently pushing the buttons when they are positioned where (many) have their finger(s) especially when making a phone call (albeit rare, to use a phone to make calls)???

      If you are on a call, can the buttons be disabled?

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