Orange Poland adds debit cards to NFC platform

Orange's NFC Pass adds debit cards to the mobile wallet

Orange Poland has launched NFC Pass, a new service that builds on its existing Orange Cash platform to enable customers to make debit card payments using their NFC phone.

NFC Pass is currently available to subscribers with an mBank current account and a compatible Android NFC phone. Support for Windows Phone devices is due to be added later this year and both travel and access applications are to be added in the future.

“So far, mBank customers using the services of Orange could pay contactlessly with a phone combined with a prepaid card account,” mBank’s Joanna Erdman explains. “Now, the transaction will be implemented with a debit card account, or the funds available on the account of the customer.”

“Poland is a market where contactless payments is accepted very well and already more than half of all payment terminals enable you to pay by this method,” adds Orange Poland’s Dariusz Boduch. “Extending the functionality of mobile solutions for contactless payments is therefore an obvious element of meeting the needs of our customers who expect the Orange innovative solutions to facilitate their daily activities.”

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