Warner Music distributes NFC guitar picks to fans

An NFC-enabled guitar pick

Fans attending gigs by Warner Music act The Wild Feathers have been provided with guitar picks containing an NFC tag. These could then be used to enter a competition, share content via social media and take part in votes at the gig, all initiated by tapping the plectrum with an NFC phone.

The guitar picks were placed inside promotional flyers for the band at six venues across Europe and were developed by NFC specialist RapidNFC and mobile marketing provider Qodo. Each pick was encoded with a unique URL and additionally printed with a unique code for iPhone users.

“Currently over 65% of the NFC guitar picks have been registered and 35% of users have shared content, with an average dwell time of over five minutes,” reports Dan Lewis, CEO of Qodo. “The success of this campaign shows an exciting future for the technology.”

“Increasingly we are seeing NFC used in experiential marketing due to the slick ‘one tap’ interaction it offers,” RapidNFC chief exec Phil Coote adds. “The NFC guitar pick is a great example of how NFC allows brands to better engage with their customers in unique and exciting ways.”

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