Mobispot to offer multifunction NFC wristband platform

Mobispot's NFC wristband

Singapore-based Mobispot Social Systems has introduced a platform that enables “modern city residents” to access a variety of services — including payments, transportation, ticketing, access control, discounts, membership and information sharing — via NFC wristbands.

The idea, project leader Ilya Radaev told NFC World, is to “bring another implementation to the NFC market — some cheap and easy-to-deliver NFC device which gathers three or four everyday applications of a modern city resident: Transportation, access control, micropayments, etc.”

“It is operated in Moscow in Russia now,” Radaev explained. “We have a micropayments wallet attached to the wristband. People use it for in-campus payments, for buying things from vending machines or corporate cafeterias.”

“We are testing compatibility with some transportation systems and loyalty systems at the current moment. We have some special proposals for them — we can turn any wristband into a discount card and attach some social mechanics. For example, only a merchant’s Twitter followers or Facebook page ‘likers’ can get a discount.”

Apps are also being developed by independent service providers, such as universities and office campuses, financial institutions and transportation companies. Developers can also order a Mobispot demonstration kit with API tools to build their own features.

“We provide access to our APIs in a restricted way — if there is a case, we supply the developers with the appropriate documents free of charge,” Radaev explained. “Later, I think in about two to three months, we will make our API docs public.”

The wristbands typically contain Mifare Plus chips and cost in the region of US$15 to US$17. Other chips, such as Mifare DesFire and Sony Felica, can also be incorporated in the bands “depending on the territory and local transport applications”, Radaev added. Both key fob and card formats are also available.

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  1. Another fantastic NFC initiative..Well done Mobispot. Whilst its not a groundbreaking concept at least you have initiated it. Maybe more people will start realising the benefits and ease with which NFC can make our daily lives, as well as a ready made platform for Brands to take advantage of including some advertising incentives?

  2. Nice job! Looks like we have a competitor in a some way but we are happy to see this kind of projects launching more and more:)
    The overall concept is close but different. Keep up with the good job!

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