Broadcom introduces low cost, low power NFC chips for smartphones and wearables


Chip maker Broadcom has unveiled a new generation of NFC controllers that reduce power consumption by 60%, lower the total cost for device manufacturers by 35% and cut antenna size by 50% — making them practical for use in both NFC phones and wearables.

The new BCM20795 family supports the latest NFC Forum specifications and consists of multiple devices, each targeted for specific applications ranging from secure mobile applications to embedded systems

“With mobile payments gaining momentum and consumers using their devices more frequently to tap and share information, there is an increased demand for a premium NFC experience on affordable smartphones,” says Broadcom’s Dino Bekis.

“Broadcom’s new NFC controllers offer an innovative architecture that radically reduces costs for our customers so they can deliver simplified connectivity to a broader audience.”

The chips are also compatible with Broadcom’s Wireless Internet Connectivity for Embedded Devices (WICED) platform, enabling NFC phones and Wiced smart-based wearables “to easily connect while conserving battery life.”

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