Proxama and Cryptomathic team up for HCE payments

NFC specialist Proxama has partnered with security provider Cryptomathic to launch EMV Tokenised Transaction (EMV-TT), a mobile contactless payments solution that leverages host card emulation (HCE) technology.


“With EMV-TT, any card issuer can now launch a mobile contactless payment service without having to rely on a secure element provider or trusted service manager, cutting down the complexity, cost and providing greater flexibility for value added services,” the partners say.

“As a standalone solution, EMV-TT leverages existing card issuance and authorisation systems and Proxama’s TapPoint service platform and mobile wallet SDKs.

“EMV-TT has been also designed to enable a simple migration from the HCE to the standard secure element based approach, or vice-versa, should the bank or network operator wish to change its deployment or partner strategy in the future.”

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