Telus staff to get NFC access control

Canadian carrier Telus is to provide its employees with the ability to access buildings, log on to company networks and securely share sensitive data using an NFC phone.


Telus employees’ smartphones will be equipped with Intercede’s MyID technology, enabling separate smart cards and security tokens to be replaced with ID credentials stored on the SIM.

“At Telus we’re aiming to have 70% of our employees working from home at least some of the time by 2015,” says Ken Haertling, VP and chief security officer at Telus.

“With that goal in mind we’ve teamed up with Intercede to ensure our employees can easily access our network anytime, from anywhere,” he adds. “What better way to do this than through the convenience of our employees’ mobile devices.”

Intercede will demonstrate its MyID solution at Mobile World Congress 2014 in the GSMA Connected City area.

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