Kiroco seeks funding for NFC jewellery range

Kiroco's NFC jewellery

UK based Kiroco is seeking funding of £20,000 on Kickstarter to produce a range of interactive jewellery gifts that allow the recipient to use an NFC phone to view short text, video and photo messages uploaded by the sender.

“Kiroco jewellery is different to everything else on the market as the information on it can be stored, updated and changed,” Kiroco’s Fiona Cartwright told NFC World. “Other wearable technology on the market is to open doors, unlock computers etc — whereas Kiroco allows you to send and receive personal private messages.”

The buyer uploads their message through a dedicated account page on Kiroco’s website which is accessible via PC, smartphone or tablet. They can then continue to upload messages as frequently as they wish and the wearer will receive a notification saying a new one is available to view the next time they tap their item.

Kiroco will offer a free standard service that overwrites the previous message when a new one is uploaded as well as Kiroco Timeline, an annual paid subscription service that will store messages “like a time capsule of memories.”

Kiroco ensures only the intended recipient can view the messages by asking them to confirm their mobile phone number upon initial download of the app and matching this against the number which the buyer also registers upon purchase of the item.

Jewellery items are priced at between £15 (US$24) and £75 (US$121) during the Kickstarter campaign.

“With a couple of the range, the locket and the orb, these are like the modern day digital locket, where a lock of hair or photo can be put into the jewellery. It really is a piece of jewellery full of emotions and memories,” Cartwright explained.

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