Glocon shows off NFC and Bluetooth multi-function bracelet

GLOCON: Bracelet features NFC, Bluetooth LE, LED strips, a vibrator and pressure sensors

The creators of Glocon, a waterproof bracelet that combines NFC and Bluetooth 4.0, have shown their prototype device to a number of industry leaders at the Money2020 expo with the intention of launching on crowdfunding website Kickstarter later this year.

Glocon, which also includes a micro USB connection, vibration motor, LED glow strips and pressure sensors, is ideal for receiving and displaying notifications from a number of different devices thanks to the inclusion of both NFC and Bluetooth, the startup says.

“Everything from the colour glowing intensity to the vibration pattern can be configured on a Glocon device so that you can automatically identify who is calling you or what notification you have without having to look at your mobile phone,” the team at developer Acme Software explains.

Glocon could function as a mobile wallet, says the team — which has already met with Google and a credit card company — while parents could top up their childrens’ bracelets and block them from spending in particular shops or impose payments limits remotely from a PC.

A “self-aware mode” (SAM) would also allow users to create a profile which is stored on their bracelet and linked to other social media accounts. This feature could be used for dating and matchmaking, says the team, with Glocon directing the user to like-minded people through stronger vibrations and its glowing LEDs.

Due to its 50 metre range, parents could also be notified in the same way when their child ventures out of range in a busy shopping centre.

The Glocon team is now seeking developers to work with its open SDK to create a wider ecosystem for not only payments but also other uses such as social marketing and access control.

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