US politician uses NFC campaign to attract younger voters

Rico Reyes' NFC flyer

Aspiring US politician Rico Reyes is using NFC solutions provider Camintel’s Touch2Vote platform to send out NFC and QR code-enabled flyers in a bid to attract the support of younger voters in Austin, Texas.

The promotional material will enable 5,000 potential voters to see an exclusive video message from Reyes, including an invitation to respond via FaceBook or Twitter, engage with important local issues and involve themselves in his campaign.

“The 18 to 30 age group just doesn’t respond to traditional media strategies,” says Camintel CEO Camilo Sandoval. “Political campaigners have the hardest time reaching that demographic.”

“Our technology provides a perfect solution, because the ‘young adult’ segment that everyone’s after is so completely hooked on mobile communications.”

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