Wirecard adds CorFire technology to NFC platform

Electronic payments specialist Wirecard has integrated CorFire’s Mobile Payment Service Application (MPSA) NFC API stack into its products and services, enabling secure NFC capabilities to be supported from within mobile apps.


Wirecard, whose clients include Vodafone, Deutsche Telekom and Telefonica, is also adding CorFire’s CorTSM trusted service manager product to its TSM services, enabling NFC capabilities to be added to its Visa stored value account products.

“The partnership with Wirecard allows us to take one of their existing white label solutions, integrate it with our MPSA and allow it to make NFC transactions and payments, in particular with Visa PayWave,” CorFire’s Din Uppal told NFC World. “The other side of the partnership is the TSM side which effectively means services like Wirecard’s recent Vodafone solution will be able to leverage our TSM.”

“What we’re essentially aiming for is to bring proven technologies, particularly from Asia, into Europe and to be able to deploy them quickly while keeping them cost-effective,” he explained. “This means we’re putting the technology into customers’ hands while still using existing apps whether that’s mobile wallets or other existing apps.”

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