iZipline and Evrythng team up for NFC pouch packaging

NFC provider iZipline has unveiled PackageTagz, a patent-pending process for adding NFC functionality to pouch packaging.

iZipline and Evrythng

PackageTagz applies an NFC tag as the package is produced and is tethered to a software platform provided by Evrythng. This enables every interaction to be logged to provide data for the brand manager, manufacturer or a regulatory agency and supports a wide range of content including “promotional and instructional product videos, redeemable coupons, product safety alerts, product authentication, track and trace, and product recall information.”

“Imagine being able to place your mobile phone or tablet near a medication and instantly become alerted if the product has been recalled,” says iZipline managing partner Michelle Moulin. “The platform that supports PackageTagz gives brand managers incredible flexibility in changing their message.”

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  1. I hope I’m alerted to a medical product recall well before I randomly choose to scan it!

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