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Tuit NFC ring looks for Kickstarter funding

GET A ROUND TUIT: Can’t be bothered with a PIN lockscreen? This NFC ring promises to secure your Android phone

The developers of Tuit, an NFC-based finger ring for unlocking Android smartphones, are aiming to raise US$100,000 through crowd funding website Kickstarter.

The polycarbonate ring will initially be available in three sizes and four colour schemes and will work in tandem with an Android app called Tuit Lockscreen that ensures only the wearer can gain access to a smartphone after the two devices have been paired.

The advantage of Tuit is that it focuses on just one function — unlocking mobile devices easily and seamlessly — making it simple and intuitive, creator Roy Taragan explained to NFC World.

“We should be offering clear and straight-forward solutions that use NFC, so it can be adopted by the general public. That’s how we approached Tuit,” he said.

“The Tuit and its app together offer a complete solution for everyday, non-technical users, who don’t necessarily know what NFC is or that they’re using it. This way 14-year old girls can wear Tuit because it’s cool and pink and unlocks their phone.”

Tuit can be seen in action in a video posted to YouTube:

The first 400 backers can pre-order a silver and black Tuit at an early bird price of $25 and the price will then increase to $30.

US$5,482 has been pledged by 183 backers so far, with 29 days to go.

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