Creative Orchestra opens proximity mobile marketing agency

London-based brand marketing and advertising agency Creative Orchestra has opened Comobi2, a dedicated proximity mobile marketing agency.


“What every client wants is to connect the consumer with their brand on the mobile platform,” says Nigel Rayner, the agency’s head of client services. “Technology is now driving the marketing agenda and it’s changing fast. Brands are moving across from traditional digital to mobile but the challenge remains, how do you connect consumers with brands on mobile?

“With such a small platform, brands are literally looking outside the mobile box to off-mobile marketing solutions. Proximity mobile marketing (PMM) offers them greater consumer engagement and sales potential as it targets consumers in the places where they shop, socialise, have fun and congregate. Right place, right time, right frame of mind. And NFC technology means the consumer can connect at the touch of a NFC tag with their mobile to a brand’s website.”

“Using NFC technology also allows us to track consumer behaviour in the real world, giving us valuable real time data — a whole new insight into how consumers respond in retail environments,” Rayner explains

The agency will be working with NFC specialist Proxama and with media brands including Clear Channel.

“The biggest challenge for mobile agencies trying to extend to PMM is the sheer lack of people left in the industry with the right skills and experience,” says Chris Arnold, the agency’s head of creative strategy. “PMM isn’t a numbers game, it’s about human engagement, and that’s a very different science and one that uses consumer psychology and behavioural economics.”

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