Dutch banks detail mobile payments pilot plan

Dutch banks are running a three month NFC payments trial
LEIDEN: Three Dutch banks are running a three month NFC payments trial in the city

The mobile payments pilot to be conducted from next month by Dutch banks ABN Amro, ING and Rabobank in collaboration with the city of Leiden, Mastercard and mobile network operator KPN is to encompass 1,000 consumers and 150 businesses, the partners have announced.

The trial, which will begin on 2 September and run for three months, will see participants being provided with a Samsung Galaxy Express smartphone preloaded with their bank’s payments app.

“An extremely varied selection of businesses are taking part, ranging from smaller shops to large retail chains, including department stores, supermarkets, retail outlets and bars and restaurants,” the partners say. “NS, the Dutch railway company, and the shops located in the railway station will also participate in the introduction.”

“After the introduction period, each bank will determine individually whether, and how, it will offer this form of payment to customers,” the partners add.

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