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Lycamobile adopts NFC for international workforce management

UK-based tracking system specialist Crystal Ball has implemented a new mobile tracking solution with NFC for the world’s largest mobile virtual network operator, Lycamobile, which is now going live with employees in sixteen countries.

LYCAMOBILE: Monitoring staff with NFC
LYCAMOBILE: Monitoring staff with NFC

Crystal Ball developed a custom version of its Mobile Track system, Mobile Track Lite, and teamed it with a new Mobile NFC service to enable Lycamobile to monitor its workforce remotely through apps installed on employees handsets.

NFC has been included to allow staff to check in by tapping NFC tags at Lycamobile’s sites, allowing managers to accurately record time and attendance.

An pilot ran in the UK earlier this year, says Crystal Ball. Reporting features included regular positional updates, vehicle speed data while in transit and handset battery level monitoring.

“The resulting combination of NFC and GPS technologies ensures that clear and precise location information is gathered both inside and away from buildings — delivering highly accurate visibility of field based staff at all times, wherever they are,” adds Crystal Ball.

Crystal Ball will make both Mobile Track Lite and Mobile NFC available from 8 July 2013.

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