Billboard magazine puts on music with NFC tags

Billboard Brasil
BILLBOARD BRASIL: Consumers try out the magazine’s NFC link to music from featured artists

Billboard Brasil has trialled a special edition magazine with an NFC sticker on its front cover in São Paulo, and now plans to roll out another NFC edition across other areas of Brazil within the next couple of months.

In partnership with media agency Ogilvy Brasil, the trial took place at selected newsstands and bookstores across the country’s largest city. The NFC stickers invited consumers to tap their phone on the cover to instantly receive an interactive playlist of the featured artists — in this case bands that played at the Lollapalooza Brasil festival in São Paulo earlier this year. “Just put your mobile on the cover and listen to the bands you’re reading about,” says Ogilvy.

Fabio Seidl, creative director at Ogilvy, told NFC World: “We have an advanced technology group that developed the stickers for the campaign and they made the trial possible.

“We presented it to Billboard, and they were very excited to use it so we did a trial in São Paulo that was very well received; what was most interesting is that it is a place where lots of people have modern phones but they don’t know they have NFC capability.

“People were asking, we didn’t download anything and we don’t have an app on our phone, so how did it happen, how is it possible? People in Brazil never talk about NFC so they don’t have a notion about what the technology can do, so sharing that knowledge was a positive part of the trial.

“Now, we are working on the next edition of the magazine and we are going to be spreading all over Brazil. All tests now show that we are good to go for the next edition!”

A video, ‘The End of the Silent Magazine’, shows consumers trying out the NFC feature:

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