C-Sam speeds NFC development with applets and testing services

NFC technology provider C-Sam has announced a suite of NFC applets and test automation tools aimed at reducing the time needed for companies to develop, test and launch NFC products and services.


C-Sam’s NFC applets cover NFC transactions and value-added features such as wallet functionality and security.

“The full suite of applets includes coupon applets, loyalty applets, generic value added services applets, receipt applets, movie ticketing applets, event ticketing applets, transit applets, access control applets, and wallet and widget management applets,” says C-Sam.

The company’s test automation tools will enable testing of NFC applets and end-to-end solutions, including the remote testing of applets installed in SIM- and microSD-based secure elements.

“Combined with C-Sam’s interfaces to third-party back-end systems and optical and NFC proximity interfaces, our test automation services and custom Java applets enable retailers, mobile network operators, financial institutions and other companies to develop, test and launch reliable and secure NFC capabilities faster and easier than ever before,” says Felix Marx, C-Sam’s CEO.

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