BMW picks Smart-Tec NFC tags

BMW's smartphone holder

Car maker BMW is using tags supplied by Smart-Tec in two NFC-enabled accessories, the NFC Smartphone Holder and the BMW Car Hotspot LTE, the Munich-based custom tag specialist reports.

The NFC Smartphone Holder is designed to work with Samsung Galaxy S II, S III and S4 NFC phones and enables motorists to listen to music stored on their phone as well as make and answer phone calls wirelessly while they are driving. A Smart-Tec tag embedded in the holder automatically starts the My BMW Remote app —  or prompts the driver to download the app — when the phone is placed in its jaws.

The BMW Car Hotspot LTE, meanwhile, includes a tag which is programmed with the device’s SSID and WPA2 key, allowing up to eight users to connect to a vehicle’s WiFi hub by simply tapping their NFC phone to the hotspot.

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