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Canadian Kiosk launches NFC rewards

Users of the online city guide can take part in real world missions that let them collect rewards by visiting, say, three different art galleries in a six hour period or three participating bars in twelve hours.

Canadian Kiosk Digital Rewards
REWARDS: Members can earn points for completing missions

Canadian Kiosk, Canada’s largest online city guide, has come together with retail loyalty specialist Adelya to offer an NFC-based rewards program to Canadian businesses.

Canadian Kiosk Digital Rewards is designed to drive visits to businesses and organisations by offering rewards to users for simply checking in to participating locations — no purchase is necessary to earn a reward.

Recognising that NFC “is quickly becoming standard on next generation mobile devices”, the program was launched to allow members to use NFC enabled phones or traditional membership cards to earn rewards at participating locations.

Members earn points by simply visiting participating businesses and can then trade in their points at the Digital Rewards Online Store for gift certificates, freebies and special members-only offers.

Members can also collect extra points by participating in Canadian Kiosk missions, including the Bar Star mission, where members are challenged to check in to three bars within twelve hours, and the Art Attack mission, that puts forward the task of visiting three art galleries in a six hour period.

The program also rewards loyal members by offering four levels of membership; beginning with the tag of ‘Tourist’, they can progress through to ‘Local Celeb’ as they visit more businesses and attend more events.

Adelya CEO Jean-Francois Novak said: “Canadian Kiosk is our first North American partner with presence across the major cities in Canada and they have designed a very attractive reward program mixing NFC technology and instant rewarding for the consumer.

“We are very proud to welcome Canadian Kiosk among our partners. We are strong believers that a dedicated distribution network is the right strategy to accelerate our worldwide expansion.”

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