Cherry On unveils range of luxury leather goods with NFC

A team of Belgian designers is aiming to raise US$70,000 via Kickstarter to put into production a wallet, bags and tablet sleeves that use NFC to offer an anti-theft service, prove the item’s authenticity and give access to a customer club.

Cherry On The Bag's weekender bag
CHERRY ON THE BAG: High quality leather goods with integrated NFC tags

Belgium-based startup Cherry On The Bag has unveiled a range of luxury leather goods that include NFC tags contained within the brand’s logo, and is seeking to raise $70,000 via Kickstarter to put them into production.

The tags enable owners to access a range of interactive services using an NFC phone:

  • An anti-theft service — This enables the owner to contact the maker to have the tag certification deactivated should their bag be lost or stolen. If the bag is then scanned, a message “bag stolen or lost” will appear, with information on how to find the owner. “This means that if your bag is found, someone scanning the bag will receive our contacts so that we can retrieve it and send it back to you,” the company says.
  • Provenance information — Owners can verify the authenticity of the product as well as its model, a description of the item, the name of the craftsman who made it, production location and date. “By fitting each of our bags with a microchip containing a digital certificate you can instantaneously verify the authenticity of the bag simply by scanning it with your NFC smartphone”, says the company. “This authentication also enables us to offer a solution for ensuring that our bags retain their value over time for resale purposes. The new purchaser can use the scanning feature to access information about the bag contained in the microchip”.
  • Scan the logo on the bag to verify its authenticity

  • Further purchases — Users can re-order products via one tap of an NFC phone to the tag, using “one-scan buy”.
  • The Cherry Club — a customer club that will provide exclusive access to limited edition items and special offers.

The product range comprises a keychain, weekender bag, messenger bag, wallet and tablet sleeves. Prices via Kickstarter range from US$50 for a keychain to $650 for a weekender bag.

A video shows the Cherry On The Bag product range and the NFC interactivity:

The Cherry On The Bag team is working with Selinko, a specialist in object identification using NFC technology, Cherry On partner Gwennaelle Festraets has told NFC World.

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