AFSCM reports 2.5m Cityzi NFC phones in France


There are now 2.5m NFC-enabled phones that work with the French mobile network operators’ Cityzi NFC platform in circulation, up from 1m in mid-2012, reports trade association AFSCM.

Some 26 NFC phone models are now available, up from 14 a year ago and 18 in June 2012. 55,000 French merchants are equipped with Cityzi-compatible contactless payments terminals.

“The work done by the mobile operators in our country has put in place the conditions for the success of NFC in France,” says Dreuille Thibault, the association’s délégué général. “This puts us in the best position for optimal launch [of] services on Cityzi NFC mobile phones, such as payment and transportation, in 2013.”

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  1. it would be interesting to also have data on the actual usage of the services. Having an enabled phone doesn’t mean people are using it. It is already a huge success to put the means in the customers hands.

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