Think&Go upgrades NFC Shopping system

Retail specialist Think&Go NFC has introduced a new version of its NFC Shopping system at the NRF tradeshow in New York.

Think & Go NFC

The system, launched in April 2011, is a cross-channel solution that offers shoppers extra information on products, personalised promotions, and self-scanning on their mobile phones.

Version 4 of NFC Shopping includes four components:

  • A mobile app for shoppers, for Android and iOS devices, that includes NFC, QR code, barcode and image recognition for scanning and tap-to-basket, personalised promotions, product information and preference/health alert functionality
  • A “Product-Price-Promotions-Preferences” web-based management platform that allows direct import of product and marketing data by retailers
  • An NFC, QR Code and barcode management platform
  • A web-based analytics platform

The system can be used by retailers ranging from large supermarkets — such as the Casino Group, which is testing NFC Shopping in Paris — down to small and mid-size fashion, health, and pharmacy stores where enhanced product information and personalised promotions are important factors in purchasing decisions, says Think&Go.

NFC Shopping can be set up in a store in as little as a day, and can be used with optional NFC shelf-edge labels. Additionally, there is no need for WiFi or mobile data coverage in store; if network access is available the mobile application can deliver rich media and information to the customer but, says the company, without it the app still delivers essential product, price and promotion information every time.

“With the NFC Shopping suite, retailers have access to the hard facts of product interest conversion rates, time spent shopping, step by step detail of the route through the store and the influence of promotions at the point of decision,” says Think&Go’s Tim Baker.

For the next two months retailers will be able to try the system through Think&Go’s ‘Quickstart 100’ promotion — a €1,500 (US$2,000) one-time fee covers 100 NFC tags and 100 products for a 100 day trial. Sleeves to NFC-enable iPhones are also available at an extra charge.

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