Smartrac adds ultrathin tags

Tag manufacturer Smartrac has announced the introduction of the first ultrathin NFC tags using chips shaved down to just 50 micrometres thick.


“RFID chips are typically offered on wafers with a standard thickness of 120µm,” the company explains. “Drawing upon its longstanding internal post fabrication wafer processing capabilities, Smartrac is able to prepare Infineon my-d NFC chip wafers down to 50µm for flip chip assembly.

“The ultrathin NFC chip is then connected to a Smartrac BullsEye antenna employing the company’s proprietary and patented palladium bumping technology. Palladium bumping enables pure metal-on-metal antenna-chip interconnection resulting in very high durability.

“Smartrac BullsEye NFC tags equipped with 50 µm chips are particularly suited for use in the printing industry, as the ultrathin inlays seamlessly integrate into business cards, magazines, and the like. The tags also ease converting processes significantly compared to standard RFID tags.”

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