HID debuts NFC asset management platform

HID Global has launched HID Trusted Tag Services, a cloud-based platform that works with NFC tags to authenticate a wide range of assets.

HID Global's Dr Tam Hulusi
HULUSI: Tags can track documents

“HID Trusted Tag transponders can be applied to physical objects and documents such as birth certificates, college diplomas, deeds of trust, and certificates of authenticity for expensive or unique items, as well as high-value works of art, asset service history and warranty records, and usage compliance documentation,” says HID’s Dr Tam Hulusi.

“Holders of government certificates, legal agreements, warranties and other important documents have traditionally protected them from fraud by having them physically signed or notarized by a person acting in a trusted role,” the company explains.

“However, these documents themselves have been at risk of forgery and duplication. There also has been no easy way to authenticate the value or ownership of physical items including luxury products, or the warranty status of purchased equipment. Now, authentication tags can be attached to a document with an electronically signed and cryptographically secure digital certificate of authenticity from the owner or trusted certification entity.

“Impossible to clone or duplicate, these tags can also be embedded in a product or incorporated in tamper-resistant stickers that can be attached to products and equipment. Users can verify authenticity with complete confidence at any time in the product or document’s lifetime. With NFC-enabled smartphones, this authentication process can be performed anywhere, at any time, using a smartphone application.”

The new platform is available on a licensing basis to third parties, allowing developers to use the HID Trusted Tag Services platform to provide NFC-based asset management services to their existing customer base.

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