DeviceFidelity launches new range of NFC microSD devices

The new CredenSE products can be used as an external secure element in NFC phones as well as to add NFC functionality to both smartphones and feature phones, without the need for a separate signal booster.

DeviceFidelity's CredenSE NFC-on-microSD solution
CREDENSE: With built-in signal amplifier

DeviceFidelity has unveiled a new NFC microSD product line. CredenSE products include an on-board active signal amplification chip as well as a secure element and an NFC antenna, enabling them to be used to add NFC functionality to standard smartphones and feature phones without the need to add a separate signal booster.

CredenSE devices can also be used as an external secure element for smartphones that come with built-in NFC capabilities. Here, secure credentials are stored on the microSD device instead of an embedded secure element or NFC-enabled SIM.

“CredenSE delivers a robust secure application platform for NFC smartphones, non NFC smartphones and feature phones and offers true portability between NFC and non-NFC phones, something that was never before possible,” says Fabrice Jogand-Coulomb, DeviceFidelity’s VP of Products.

“For mobile network operators, financial institutions and over-the-top wallet application providers, this maximizes their benefits as they can now deploy NFC solutions that can attract their entire customer base while maintaining the freedom for the end users to choose their preferred phone model and services”.

CredenSE is fully compatible with DeviceFidelity’s existing In2Pay and iCaisse products and offers a range of user memory options up to 16GB. The CredenSE 2.10, for instance, can support payment applications from Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and China UnionPay as well as NXP’s MiFare and DesFire technologies and HID Global’s Seos mobile credentials.

A video produced by DeviceFidelity shows CredenSE in action:

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