How cloud-based NFC, iPhone 5 and security concerns will impact the mobile wallet market

In the first issue of Mobile Wallet Outlook, the monthly trends bulletin for subscribers to our new research service, the NFC World team examines how the latest market developments will affect the future of the NFC and mobile wallet markets.

Mobile Wallet Outlook-, October 2012

The first issue of Mobile Wallet Outlook, the monthly market trends bulletin that forms part of our new research service The Mobile Wallet Report, is now available — and readers who sign up by 31 October can save 25% on the usual subscription fee. Sample issues of this first issue are also now available, on request.

“Our goal with Mobile Wallet Outlook is to analyse the key developments in the market and to identify early trends that are set to impact on readers’ mobile wallet plans,” explains Sarah Clark, editor of NFC World and The Mobile Wallet Report. Topics covered in this first issue include:

  • Apple sends the NFC industry a wake-up call: We examine the impact Apple’s decision not to include NFC in the new iPhone 5 is likely to have on the future of the NFC market and how the launch of Apple Passbook will affect both consumers’ and service providers’ willingness to adopt existing mobile wallet platforms.
  • NFC heads to the cloud with a new business model: We analyse the business implications of the new cloud-based secure element platforms that are now emerging and explain why mobile wallet issuers should start re-casting their business plans today.
  • Barriers to adoption — understanding consumers’ security concerns: We investigate the latest consumer surveys and discover that what consumers say about mobile payments security depends on exactly what you ask.

Mobile Wallet Outlook is designed to work in partnership with a series of fact, analysis and statistics-based spot reports that also form part of The Mobile Wallet Report, ensuring that readers are able to access the very latest thinking on NFC and mobile wallet business models right through the year.

A year’s subscription to The Mobile Wallet Report will usually cost £795. Order your subscription by 31 October, however, and you’ll pay only £595 (approx US$925/€737) — a saving of 25%.

You can find out more about The Mobile Wallet report and order online here. And, if you have any questions about this new research service or would like more information, please email Joe Davies at [email protected] or call +44 1341 760123.

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