Turkcell launches NFC home shopping service

The Turkish carrier’s new MaxiPlus5 NFC phone ships with a fridge magnet customers can use to place online orders with a variety of partner merchants.

Turkcell Maxiplus5
MAXIPLUS5: Comes with a magnetic tag that opens a Turkcell home shopping app

Turkish mobile network operator Turkcell has launched a mobile home shopping service that works in conjunction with an NFC phone and a fridge magnet, enabling customers to place online orders with a variety of merchant partners.

The new Mobile Order application is being launched with a new NFC phone, the Turkcell MaxiPlus5, which is being shipped with the fridge magnet boxed with the handset.

“Once the user taps the fridge magnets with their device, the Mobile Order application is automatically opened up on the device, allowing them to order from all participating companies,” says Turkcell. “Then, the merchant and products that wanted to be ordered, as well as the address details and payment option are selected to complete the transaction. The application is server based so all product details can be changed over-the-air in real time.”

Turkcell and Burger King
WHOPPER: Burger King is one of the first brands to appear on Turkcell’s service

Burger King, Migros supermarkets, fuel and energy supplier Aygaz and bottled water supplier Pürsu are the the first partners whose products can be ordered through the Turkcell Mobile Order application.

The MaxiPlus5 was developed by Turkcell in cooperation with Chinese phone manufacturer ZTE. It runs Android 4.0 and features a 3.5-inch touch screen and an 800MHz Qualcomm processor. Existing contract customers can upgrade to the new device from just TRY5 (US$2.75) a month.

“Designed to deliver the best mobile internet and multimedia experience, Turkcell MaxiPlus5 will change telephone usage habits with smart applications developed by Turkish engineers to facilitate daily life,” says Emre Sayin, Turkcell’s chief consumer business officer. “We call on everybody to make the move to the smartphone experience via Turkcell MaxiPlu5 with maximum features at minimum prices.”

NFC fridge magnet opens the Mobile Order app

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