Isis releases video tutorials

The US NFC payments venture has produced a series of educational videos, designed to show consumers how to use the Isis Mobile Wallet in stores and how to add cards and offers, as it moves towards pilot launches in Austin and Salt Lake City.

ISIS: NFC wallet stars in eight videos

Isis has released a series of short videos, ahead of the launch of its first NFC pilots in Austin, Texas and Salt Lake City, Utah.

The films are designed to help consumers understand how to use Isis and cover how to get started, how to identify whether a merchant accepts Isis payments and offers and how to add a payments card, as well as the process for clipping an Isis offer and redeeming at the point-of-sale.

The first video shows consumers how to get started with using the Isis Mobile Wallet:

The second describes what can be stored in the Isis Mobile Wallet and explains that it will come with a reloadable prepaid Isis Cash Card:

The third video shows the process for adding a card to the wallet, via the in-app directory:

The fourth video explains how users can add special offers to their Isis wallet, using a ‘clip to Isis’ function — available from online merchants and via NFC tags — or by following a merchant from within the wallet to receive all future offers:

The fifth details where consumers can use their Isis Mobile Wallet and explains the difference between an Isis Ready “Pay & Go” merchant, which accepts payments via Isis, and an Isis Ready “Pay & Save” merchant, equipped to handle loyalty cards and offers as well as payments. While some Pay & Save merchants will be able to process offers, loyalty and payments via a single SmartTap terminal, the video explains, others will combine a barcode reader for loyalty and offers with a contactless point-of-sale terminal for payments:

The sixth video demonstrates how to use Isis at merchants equipped with a SmartTap terminal, explaining that users must first open the mobile wallet app and enter their PIN. They then choose to use their default payment card or pick an alternative and check to see if they have any offers from the merchant. They then choose any offers they wish to redeem and tap their NFC phone to the terminal to transfer payment, loyalty and offers data all at the same time:

The seventh video expands on this to explain that, at some merchants, users will need to show a barcode version of an offer to the cashier and then tap their phone to the merchant terminal to pay:

And the eighth video explains why the Isis Mobile Wallet is secure:

The service is still due to launch “this summer” but no date has yet been set and, Isis has told NFC World, “we’re not sharing any additional information about launch quite yet”. Merchants are set to include Aeropostale, Coca-Cola, Foot Locker, Jamba Juice and Macy’s while card issuers taking part include Chase, Capital One and Barclaycard US.

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