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Google unveils Nexus Q media player with NFC

The new sphere is “the first-ever social streaming device — like a cloud-connected jukebox where everyone brings their own music to the party,” says Google’s Andy Rubin.

Google Nexus Q NFC-enabled streaming device
NEXUS Q: Comes with NFC. Click to enlarge.

Google has shown off a new NFC-enabled Android-based media player which it describes as “the first-ever social streaming device”.

The Nexus Q is a small sphere, designed and engineered by Google, that runs Android and includes an amplifier as well as NFC, Wifi and Bluetooth connectivity. It is designed to be plugged into hi-fi speakers and a TV in the home and uses Android phones or tablets as remote controls and content sources — no display or keypad is included on the device itself.

It’s “like a cloud-connected jukebox where everyone brings their own music to the party,” Andy Rubin, Google’s SVP of mobile and digital content, explains on the Official Google Blog.

“It’s great to be able to take your entertainment with you wherever you go, but sometimes you want to ditch the headphones and enjoy music with friends and family,” Rubin explains. “So we’re introducing Nexus Q, which combines the power of Android and Google Play to easily stream music and video in your home — all controlled by an Android phone or tablet.”

The Nexus Q is available to pre-order today for delivery to US customers in mid-July for US$299.

A video produced by Google shows the Nexus Q in action:

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