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Identive adds NFC payment sticker

Secure ID specialist Identive has introduced a new “peel and stick” NFC tag that allows consumers to use contactless payment with their existing mobile devices.


The TomPay sticker is based on the company’s “tag on metal” inlay technology and its peel and stick form factor allows it to be manufactured using the same processes as a standard PVC card, before being popped out of the card and fixed to a mobile phone.

TomPay has been certified for use by MasterCard in its PayPass contactless payments system, and the technology can also support EMV-compliant chips, ready for card makers and issuers to provide customers with an EMV-enabled tap-and-go experience.

The stickers can incorporate high-end smart card ICs from several contactless chip manufacturers, says the company, making them suitable for open and private payment schemes, transport ticketing and loyalty applications. TomPay stickers are also compatible with standard contactless smart card manufacturing processes including lamination and card punching, and the pop-out tags can be fully printed and personalized in the standard issuance process.

“Over the next few years there is a significant opportunity for payment solutions that bridge existing phones with the coming wave of NFC-enabled devices,” says Dr Manfred Mueller, COO of identification products at Identive.

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