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NCR adds NFC to hotel check-ins

NCR has launched NCR Express Key, a hotel check-in kiosk that lets guests who have checked in online or via a mobile phone collect their room key without queuing at reception.

NCR Express Key with NFC
EXPRESS KEY: NCR's NFC-enabled tabletop kiosk dispenses hotel room keys

The kiosk allows guests to identify themselves by scanning a printed or mobile-delivered reservation confirmation barcode, via mobile acoustic keys or with an NFC mobile phone.

“The low-profile kiosk can be placed on counters or table tops throughout a hotel, in elevator lobbies and other convenient locations, giving more options to guests who have lost their keys, left keys in their rooms or arrive at their rooms to find that keys will not work,” says NCR.

“Travelers have come to expect mobile convenience throughout their journey, and many hotels are beginning to offer the ability to book a reservation and check in on-the-go,” says NCR Travel’s Tyler Craig. “But what is the point of providing this capability if guests are forced to queue for their keys upon arrival? NCR Express Key completes the advanced check-in experience by giving guests control over the entire process and eliminating the wait.”

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