Tyfone offers licenses for NFC-on-microSD tech

Two patents that relate to miniaturising NFC antennas to fit within microSD cards and other small form factors are now available for licensing.


US based NFC-on-microSD pioneer Tyfone has secured further patents that it says support the company’s latest designs for miniature NFC antennas.

This latest iteration of its technology, says the company, works “without the need for cumbersome external booster antennas or after-market battery covers”. Additionally, Tyfone says, its newest design brings the technology onto the same playing field as standard microSD cards, offering the same yield and cost to manufacture.

The two patents are US 7,954,716, entitled “Electronic Transaction Card Powered by Mobile Device” and US 7,961,101, “Small RFID Card With Integrated Inductive Element.”

Those interested in licensing Tyfone’s patents or NFC-on-microSD technology can sign up on the company’s website.

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