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FujiFilm adds NFC to photo printing kiosks

The imaging company’s new NFC module is designed to make it easy for consumers to order photos from in-store kiosks by simply selecting the images they want to print on their NFC device and then tapping it to the kiosk.

FujiFilm's NFC-enabled SmartPix kiosk
TAP'N'PRINT: SmartPix photo kiosks can be now be NFC-enabled

FujiFilm UK has added support for NFC to its SmartPix kiosk, a modular product that is designed to be installed by retailers to allow consumers to place orders for printed photos and photographic products.

With the new NFC module, developed for FujiFilm by UK-based NFC specialist Near Field Solutions, consumers can transfer images from their NFC phone by simply selecting the pictures they want to print and touching their device to the kiosk. The connection between the phone and the kiosk is established via NFC and the images are transferred via Bluetooth.

SmartPix kiosks act as the link between the consumer, FujiFilm’s web server and a variety of output options including a minilab, an inkjet printer, a remote lab and an instant printer. They allow retailers to offer customers both standard prints and an array of posters, montages, photobooks and other photo-based gift items.

The new Tap’n’Print feature is designed to make it as easy as possible for consumers to use the kiosks and, therefore, to increase the volume of photo printing orders taken.  It is currently on trial in a number of photo retail outlets ahead of a full launch in the spring.

“Tap’n’Print is a really exciting development both for FujiFilm and for the photo retailers who have SmartPix kiosks in their stores,” says FujiFilm’s Peter Wigington. “Anything that encourages the public to print their images is a positive thing and, as Tap’n’Print is so simple and intuitive to use, I’m sure the public will find it even easier to use the SmartPix kiosk than they did before.”

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