Société Générale picks NFC payments TSM

The French bank has chosen Oberthur to act as its trusted service manager for a rollout of NFC payments services this year.

Societe Generale
SOC GEN: Rolling out NFC later this year

French banking group Société Générale has signed a contract with Oberthur Technologies to provide trusted service manager (TSM) services for the bank’s roll out of NFC services, which is set to take place this year.

“At Société Générale we constantly strive to bring to the market reliable and easy-to-use solutions designed to meet the changing needs of our customers,” says Yves Blavet, the bank’s head of payment instruments. “To ensure a successful roll out of NFC mobile payments in France, we chose to partner with Oberthur Technologies because of their track record in TSM services.”

“Mobile financial services are strategic development axis for banks,” adds Oberthur’s Eric Duforest. “Partnering with Société Générale on this program is a fantastic opportunity to further promote the deployment of the NFC technology in France and abroad.”

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