Firms find NFC B2B app pays for itself in months

Companies of all sizes and in a range of markets are finding that they are getting a return on their investment in Think&Go NFC‘s business-to-business Audit&Control solution within five to twelve months, the company reports.

Think & Go NFC
THINK&GO: New value added services

The service includes a range of modules which use NFC to perform workforce auditing and control functions and has been deployed by companies in the retail, manufacturing and the healthcare and wellness markets.

“Much of the focus on NFC technology is around payment, ticketing and loyalty which require NFC phones to reach a critical mass for consumers,” says Think&Go. “Optimizing business processes, however, gives immediate ROI and the large range of NFC phones now available, including low cost and rugged devices, means that they can be deployed in all types of industries now.”

“Since the early days of NFC many people have developed time and attendance applications which allow mobile workforce to report when they begin and finish tasks, but that is just the tip of the iceberg,” explains Vincent Berge, CEO of Think&Go NFC.

“The power of NFC to provide context in the easiest possible way allows our NFC Audit&Control solution to provide secure, localised and personalised just-in-time instructions and questionnaires with minimum training and optimised information flow. It goes beyond just saving costs, it also allows the creation of new value added services that were not feasible with any other method. It’s perfect for quality assurance, mobile workforce management, remote maintenance, and mobile equipment tracking.”

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