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Toppan adds NFC to Salesforce

The Japanese firm has developed a field service and asset management system that integrates with Salesforce, allowing data gathered by technicians reading NFC tags in the field to be automatically posted back to the CRM system.

SALESFORCE: NFC asset management on the cloud-based CRM solution

A division of Toppan Printing has begun using NFC tags and phones in a field service and asset management system that integrates with

The Toppan System Solutions product, available from this month, is designed to support field service technicians. NFC tags are attached to furniture or machinery under management and then remote workers can access documentation and maintenance history data as well as file reports back to the cloud-based customer relationship management system via their NFC phones.

Managers benefit from real time activity reports, the centralisation of maintenance data and Salesforce’s easy workflow customisation, says Toppan.

The firm points out that NFC tags can be easily read even in hard-to-see places or when they are dirty, allowing operation in harsh environments. If necessary they can also be hidden on, or embedded inside, the items to which they relate.

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