Coca-Cola tests NFC advertising in Singapore

Coca-Cola has launched an NFC out-of-home advertising campaign in Singapore.


The campaign promotes the company’s Coca-Cola and Fanta drinks brands and uses the NFC-enabled Mobile Life! network of two hundred advertising panels introduced by Clear Channel Singapore in October. Each panel contains a static poster and an NFC tag as well as a QR code. Consumers who tap their NFC phone or scan the QR code in the Fanta campaign receive the Fanta ringtone that is featured in the brand’s current TV commercial. Coca-Cola posters, meanwhile, enable consumers to download a Coca-Cola Christmas themed wallpaper that can be applied to their cellphones.

“At Coca-Cola we are evolving our marketing to be more about consumer expressions than impressions,” says Coca-Cola Far East’s Rommel P Fuentebella. “To us, an expression is any level of engagement with our brand content by a consumer such as a comment, a ‘like’, uploading or downloading a photo or video or passing content onto their networks. We believe the NFC platform helps us to more tangibly measure these expressions and apply what we learn about consumers, what they like, and how they interact with our brands to future brand activations.”

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  1. Great!
    Would love to know where to find such NFC Posters… I have a BB9900 NFC Phone. Need to download an app?

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