RIM begins NFC marketing campaign

The BlackBerry maker is to showcase the potential of the NFC functionality in its latest smartphones via smart posters and tokens distributed by street crews in Australia.

RIM: Taking NFC to the streets

Research In Motion (RIM) has partnered with Sydney-based NFC marketing specialist Tapit for a campaign that both uses and promotes the NFC functionality in the handset maker’s latest BlackBerry phones.

RIM’s first NFC campaign is taking place in Australia and will see smart posters and NFC-enabled tokens being posted and handed out by street crews. Users will be able to tap with their BlackBerry NFC smartphones to receive content about BlackBerry Messenger and BBM Music direct to their device.

“NFC is an innovative technology which is enabling smartphones to become even smarter platforms,” says Adele Beachley, managing director of RIM Australia. “We believe NFC will be increasingly used in Australia in a variety of ways including making mobile payments with your smartphone, transferring information or even using your smartphone as a digital key.

“The potential of this technology excites us at RIM, driving us back to our heartland, which is innovation, and allowing us to offer new possibilities to our customers,” Beachley continues. “Partnering with Tapit will allow us to showcase the power of NFC in marketing. RIM recently launched BBM Music and NFC is a great way to share this application and information about this service with consumers.”

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  1. It’s high time
    I was waiting for the Blackberry 9900 and still NFC is nowt working in Holland.
    It;s really a pity

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