Sony announces FeliCa Lite-S NFC chip

Sony has announced the FeliCa Lite-S chip, a smaller, faster and more secure update to its low cost FeliCa Lite chip for NFC tags and stickers.


The new chip improves security by introducing a “write access control” function to prevent unauthorized access, in addition to the read access control function already included in the earlier product. The FeliCa Lite-S also introduces an “anti-broken transaction function” that detects data errors and prevents incomplete or damaged information from being used.

The FeliCa Lite-S is compatible with the earlier FeliCa Lite product, complies with the NFC Forum Type 3 tag specification and can communicate with NFC smartphones and readers. FeliCa Lite-S uses the same RF format as existing FeliCa card products and a compatible command set, so it works with the same reader and development infrastructure.

Sony is targeting a spring 2012 product release, and the company expects the chips to be used for NFC applications like transport and event ticketing, and membership, loyalty, gift, game and ID cards.

Sony has also recently launched a beta version of its NFC software developer kit.

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