Atria launches first NFC-enabled book

The first 1,000 copies of a The Impulse Economy: Understanding Mobile Shoppers and What Makes Them Buy, a new book by Gary Schwartz, chairman of the US chapter of the Mobile Entertainment Forum (MEF) and CEO of Impact Mobile, are to ship with NFC stickers on their front covers.

The Impulse Economy
READ IT: The book comes with an NFC tag to direct browsers to more content

The stickers are designed to make it easy for readers with NFC phones to access internet content related to the book. “The smart book allows the physical book to become interactive for both the book buyer and the book browser,” says Judith Curr, executive vice president at publisher Atria Books. “The goal is to engage the consumer and start a permission-based two-way relationship that may lead to the sale of this book or further sales in this category of interest.”

“Proximity marketing solutions like NFC will allow for seamless and frictionless interactive experience whether this is for interactive content on your phone or mobile wallet commerce opportunities,” says Schwartz. “This new breed of consumer is using the mobile phone in the physical store to select products, research purchases, and act on content.”

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