SMRT launches NFC posters in Singapore

Singapore public transport provider SMRT has placed NFC smart posters in stations to deliver news, entertainment, music, sports, services, and merchant offers to commuters.

An iMobSMRT smart poster
SMART: Commuters can order taxis from SMRT's NFC-enabled ad posters

The bus, train and taxi operator has launched its ‘iMobSMRT spaces’ in conjunction with Nokia at six high-traffic stations, allowing commuters to make transactions, exchange digital content, and even book a taxi by tapping their NFC-enabled smart phones on NFC tags. SMRT will now progressively roll out the smart posters across the rest of its network.

“We are excited to offer SMRT commuters the latest news and events, entertainment, music, sports, services, merchant offers and more through the iMobSMRT spaces,” says the company’s Dawn Low. “We are looking forward to making iMobSMRT even more exciting.”

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