SleepTrak NFC sleep monitoring service goes live

The innovative sleep disorder monitoring service is now available to T-Mobile USA subscribers equipped with a Nokia Astound NFC phone.

SLEEPTRAK: The credit card-sized monitoring device is read via NFC

SleepTrak, an NFC-based sleep monitoring service which was first introduced at the Wima conference in Monaco earlier this year, is now commercially available for T-Mobile USA customers who use a Nokia Astound NFC phone.

SleepTrak provides consumers with an easy-to-use device that can tell them more about how well they sleep, track symptoms associated with inefficient sleep, and provide resources and suggestions for better sleep habits.

SleepTrak includes a credit card sized device which can be attached to an individual’s arm and which measures, for example, how active they are during sleep. The ‘card’ is then read with an NFC-enabled Nokia C7/Astound phone in the morning, at which point the information gathered overnight is uploaded to the phone and the card reset for the following night. An application running on the phone then analyses and presents the information graphically to the user or a doctor.

“T-Mobile sees NFC as one of the ways we can deliver value to our customers and help businesses evolve,” said Matt Millen, vice president of small and medium business sales at T-Mobile USA. “Our NFC-capable smartphones on T-Mobile’s reliable nationwide 4G network are helping iMPak Health and Meridian Health to bring complex capabilities, like a professional sleep assessment session, to the consumer market for a fraction of the price. The opportunities for NFC technology appear limitless.”

The SleepTrak application can be downloaded free of charge from the Nokia Ovi store and the SleepTrak card is available for on for US$29.95.

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