More than half of consumers ready to swap location data for targeted content and promotions

A survey conducted for location-based mobile media company JiWire has found that 53% of Americans and 69% of Brits are now willing to share their location in exchange for receiving more relevant mobile promotions and content.


Mobile consumers in the US under the age of 34 are most eager to share, with 60% ready to offer their location for better information. Overall, sales and promotions are the most popular types of information that mobile consumers are looking for when engaging with location-based services, the survey found.

The study examined how consumers rated various services when one mile and 10 miles from a location. 29% said they want sales and promotions within one mile of a store while 24% want promotions within 10 miles of the store.

“The mobile revolution continues to evolve and we are seeing much higher adoption of mobile devices, services and offerings than ever before,” says David Staas, senior vice president of marketing at JiWire. “Location is clearly a key driver of mobile commerce, whether it’s for finding local deals or engaging with major brands through location media. The early data suggests that this will be a major trend this coming holiday season.”

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