Ticketfriend unveils NFC event ticketing system

The new service is designed to provide event promoters with an end-to-end ticketing system which is cheaper than existing solutions and provides a wide range of added value social media, marketing and promotion options.

Ticketfriend card
TICKETFRIEND: Holds tickets on a contactless card or an NFC phone

Dublin-based Ticketfriend has announced an end-to-end event ticketing and marketing system based on Android NFC phones and multifunction RFID contactless cards.

“The Ticketfriend solution makes the consumer experience easier, as well as cheaper than rival ticketing options,” says CEO Liam Rabbit. “The best way to build sustainable revenue in events is to tap into customer loyalty, reduce cost and to provide more revenue options beyond the sale of the ticket. Using Ticketfriend, promoters can target event-goers with customised deals and, in return, consumers get convenient ticketing, event access, and ability to interact with other event goers though Ticketfriend’s integration with social media channels and tools.”

The Ticketfriend platform allows promoters to setup, promote and manage events and is designed to provide an efficient real time payments and loyalty mechanism. Ticket buyers with an NFC phone will be able to store their tickets in their phone, while those without an NFC phone will be provided with a single contactless card that can be used to store multiple event tickets. Tickets in both formats can be checked on entry to a venue by door staff using NFC phones, and paper tickets are also supported for promoters who prefer a more traditional solution.

Ticketfriend also enables event goers to make payments to traders equipped with NFC phones using a stored e-money account — allowing event promoters to keep track and collect their percentage of sales made.

Ticketfriend is currently on trial with a number of event promoters and is due to be rolled out for general use during the third quarter of 2011.

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