Fujitsu puts NFC into cloud-based data transfer service

The new system could be used, Fujitsu suggests, to make it easy for executives attending a meeting to download presentation materials and meeting notes as well as to transfer them between phones and display equipment.

Fujitsu Laboratories has developed a technology platform that automatically performs the downloading, running, and erasing of applications and data, in sequence, as required at a particular time and place.

Fujitsu figure 1
FIGURE 1: Scenarios for information needed at particular times and places. Click to enlarge.

The system comprises a cloud-based communications platform and application runtime environment that, depending on the user’s circumstances, automatically performs a sequence of transmitting applications and data from the cloud, launching and running the applications on a device (smartphone, PC or laptop), and then erasing the apps and data when they are no longer needed (see Figure 1).

Fujitsu figure 2
FIGURE 2: Information device connection technology. Click to enlarge.

The system takes advantage of NFC to connect devices so that apps and data can be transmitted between them. Applications can then be executed, and automatically adjusted to fit the screen size of whichever device they are downloaded to for easy viewing (see Figure 2).

The new technology will enable users to carry their devices into a conference room, for instance, and download required applications and data to get immediate access to the meeting’s presentation materials. This reduces the time required to set up apps and transfer data, making it possible to improve users’ operational efficiency. When the user leaves the room, the data can be automatically erased if necessary.

Fujitsu figure 3
FIGURE 3: Technology to automatically install and run applications. Click to enlarge.

The system automatically determines a user’s circumstances by using GPS and other sensor data, then delivers the necessary applications and data from the cloud, before launching the applications on the device (see Figure 3).

Fujitsu Laboratories is to continue development of the technology with the aim of launching a commercial product in 2012.

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