BlackBerry Bold 9900 NFC phone to ship on September 15?

Blackberry Bold 9900

Amazon UK has added the BlackBerry Bold 9900 NFC smartphone to its website. The device is available to pre-order in black today with an expected release date of September 15. A white version is also listed with an expected release date of October 15. Both NFC phones will cost £549.99 (US$885) without a contract.

Maker Research In Motion announced in May that both the BlackBerry Bold 9900 and 9930 would ship with built-in NFC capabilities and rumours suggest that more NFC BlackBerry devices are to arrive in the near future. At the end of May, the handset maker launched the BlackBerry Java SDK v7.0 in beta, which can be used to develop applications that will utilise the NFC capabilities of BlackBerry smartphones.

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  1. No one is asking the obvious – isn’t there a 1.5 year consumer lifecycle for mobile phones? Are these phones designed to last longer than that and most people are concerned about losing their phone or a dead battery.

    NFC SIM chips do not perform as expected not for the technology, but the amount of steps a consumer has to take to enable NFC from the mobile app.

    Not to sound obvious, but I’m getting the impression that NFC stickers look better and better as a more realistic solution. Even with a sticker, the phone can be dead and the POS can validate the NFC sticker..

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